Weekly Economic Outlook

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Economic outlook – 1 December 2019

US As the Thanksgiving holiday compressed the economic indicator schedule into the first half of the week, market attention remained squarely focused on the data performance in order to gauge the overall health of the [...]

Economic Outlook – 24 November 2019

US Minutes from the October FOMC meeting indicated the Fed is content to remain on the sidelines for the rest of this year as the looser financial conditions resulting from rate cuts at three consecutive [...]

Economic Outlook – 17 November 2019

US Reverberations of slowing global growth and trade uncertainty have been most acutely felt in the factory sector, given newly imposed tariffs on a wide array of producer inputs and globally integrated supply chains. The [...]

Economic Outlook – 10 November 2019

US The ISM non-manufacturing index, a measure of the breadth of activity in the US service sector, beat expectations last week by climbing to 54.7 from a three-year low of 52.6 last month. The multiyear [...]

Economic Outlook – 3 November 2019

US US economy grew at a 1.9% annualized pace last quarter, slowing marginally from 2.0% recorded in the second quarter. Sectors centered on the domestic side of the economy, including consumer spending (+2.9%), residential investment [...]

Economic Outlook – 27 October 2019

US The legitimate slowdown in overall economic growth is exaggerated by the continuing drag from Boeing’s issues with the 737 MAX and the lingering strike at General Motors. The effect from both was apparent in [...]