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Are Quant Hedge Funds Suffering?

In recent years, large segments of hedge funds had been struggling with poor performance, thanks to the low volatility environment we had been seeing in the markets. This was even beginning to lead to a [...]

Last Look

The British Investment Association issued guidelines that will address concerns about the transparency of forex trading, particularly with the use of ‘Last Look’. This is something that asset managers had been complaining about, since it [...]

The ‘short vol’ Trade

In this article, we analyse the disastrous ‘short vol’ trade that wiped out a lot of traders last week and draw some lessons learned from it.   The VIX is the Chicago Board Options Exchange [...]

US Government Shutdown … What now?

This weekend, exactly one year since President Trump’s inauguration, the US Government shutdown became a reality as the US Senate were unable to agree a deal, meaning the US Government at the time of writing [...]

Scaling The Wealth

Guest post by Vladimir Dimitroff with Aastha Dhawan MSc, LSE The Accelerating Consolidation within the UK Wealth Management Industry   The private banking and wealth management industry in the UK is going through a significant [...]